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Volunteers & Chaperones 
Chaperones are critical to the Instrumental Music Program.
  • During Marching Season we need chaperones for every game - home & away.
  • The many festivals throughout the year for Band and Orchestra require chaperones and often help in concession stands and other activities.
  • A Volunteer Chairperson for these events is crucial to ensuring we have enough chaperones and volunteers at every event.
Scroll below to see the many areas that can use your help!

It is highly recommended to become a Finger Printed Volunteer with Brevard County Schools to chaperone, which requires going to Viera to be fingerprinted at your own expense. Details regarding forms & expense can be obtained here.

Volunteer Policies
The school board policy requires background checks for volunteers. If you would like to read the entire policy, go and select policy 8475. We have two categories of recognized volunteers:

Listed volunteers are individuals who have gone through a local background check. They must always be under the supervision of a district employee where they can be both seen and heard.

Registered volunteers are individuals who have gone through a national background check including a fingerprint check done through FDLE/FBI. This is the same background check done for district employees. Registered volunteers are allowed unsupervised access to students.

Changes for this year – There are two big changes for volunteers this year.
  1. All volunteers who mentor students are now required to be Registered volunteers. Mentors are individuals who meet one-on-one or in small groups with students over a long time period.
  2. All volunteers who drive students at the request of the school district or a district representative are now required to be Registered volunteers.
Other important things to remember:
  • Registered volunteers must be fingerprinted at the Office of District and School Security, Educational Services Facility in Viera (Monday – Thursday from 8:30to 4:30). Volunteers are required to pay for their fingerprint background check and must bring a check or money order for $52.25 made payable to Brevard County School Board. Prior to fingerprinting, volunteers need to enter their information into the VIPS Computer database.
  • All volunteers should sign in AND out using the VIPS computer located in each school’s lobby or on the volunteer hours log provided by the school. It is important to each school that they maintain an accurate record of support provided by the community. If you log in but don’t log out, your volunteer time will be submitted for only 30minutes regardless of the actual time volunteered.
  • Volunteer approval is good for five years and all information should be reviewed annually to make sure that we have your current emergency contact information.
  • Volunteer approval can take four weeks or longer depending on the number of applications needing processing. If your approval is about to expire, please make sure that you come in and update your information so that you can continue to volunteer.

Concert Volunteer Opportunities: 2 ways to help at every concert
Every concert requires the collection/sales of tickets and volunteers are needed to work in the ticket booth. NO ONE will be asked to miss their child's performance so the more we can rotate the simpler this becomes.

Grade Representatives

Grade Reps ensure the smooth communication to all the band parents throughout the organization. This may entail forwarding emails from the Music Program Directors & SIMPPA Board to your list of parents as needed, as well as phone calls to those who do not have email.

SIMPPA Board Members

Elected every year, this group works to assist the Music Program Directors. Board member positions are diverse and require the support of many additional volunteers. Please let us know if you are interested in being on the board. We invite ALL parents to attend the monthly meetings.

Awards Coordinator
At the Annual Banquet held in May of each school year, every student receives the awards they've accumulated through their participation in the program, festivals and competitions during the year. These awards include School Letters, pins earned at Solo & Ensemble, Directors special awards, etc. The person in this role assembles all awards for each student to receive that evening.

Fundraising Chairpersons

Each fundraiser requires a chairperson(s) to ensure its success. We hold a variety of fundraisers during the year and can use as much help as we can get to share the responsibility. Information on our fundraising campaigns can be found here. If you're interested in helping out with a fundraising activity, click here.

District Band Solo & Ensemble
This is a very large event held at Satellite High School in February over 3 days. Over 700 students from the entire district have the opportunity to perform solos, small ensembles, and large ensembles from all over the district. This event requires a large volunteer support effort from parents & students in Orchestra and Band. This is our largest fundraiser of the year.

Concessions: We have concession stands throughout the weekend serving grilled hotdogs and hamburgers as well as drinks, snack and pizza. A Concession Coordinator is key to the success of this fundraiser.

Judges Room: Volunteers are also needed to assist in the Judges Room. We serve 30 judges a total of 5 meals over the 3 days. These meals are prepared by volunteers, delivered to school at the appropriate time, and served on china dishes. We like to take very good care of our judges! The Judges Room Chairperson(s) are needed to set up the menu, coordinate volunteers to bring the food, and find servers & clean up help for each meal. This is a large job but is short term.

Directors Room: A Directors Room provides simple drinks and refreshments for school Directors. A Directors Room Chairperson decides on items to be served and coordinates a schedule of volunteers to ensure the room is stocked during the event.

It is very important to note that regardless of your volunteer responsibility, YOU WILL NOT BE ASKED TO MISS YOUR CHILD'S PERFORMANCE.
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